Til foreldra vegna Covid- 19 kórónaveirunnar - To parents because of the COVID-19 coronavirus


To parents and guardians

As state of alert has now been issued because of the COVID-19 coronavirus

The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management emphasizes the importance that everyone follows instructions issued by the Icelandic chief of epidemiology. Newest information can always be found on the web www.landlaeknir.is

Parents and guardians are asked to monitor regularly which areas have been defined as risk areas. If children or their families have been staying in those areas, they will need to go into quarantine as instructed by the Directorate of Health.

Parents of children who have a weak immune system or underlying respiratory diseases are advised to consult with their medical specialist or family doctor.

Individuals who have symptoms and might have been exposed to infection, for example due to travelling, are encouraged to contact health authorities by calling the number 1700 and get instructions. Those who have been in close contact with individuals that have a confirmed or possible infection will need to go into quarantine, as will those who have recently travelled to areas defined as risk areas.

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